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Audio+Visual Art by Darren Ryan

About Darren Ryan

Darren Ryan is an Irish born and Texas based musician and visual artist focused on creating improvised ambient dub soundscapes live on hardware equipment. Since relocating to San Antonio TX in late 2010 Darren established the experimental music performance party “Sound Museum” as well as creating a youtube channel dedicated to ambient and experimental electronic music, video art, and interviews with regional artists and performers.

Darren also collaborates with dancers, choreographers, and film/video makers in live performances and studio productions. Recently Darren presented a live ambient installation piece in the 19th century chapel on the grounds of the Southwest School of Art in downtown San Antonio, TX and will be a guest performer later this year at the Texas theater in Oak Cliff, TX as part of the Dallas Ambient Music Nights performance series.

 Please direct any questions or comments to: darrentr808@gmail.com